Dyspnea, Shortness of Breath

Dyspnea: Causes and Treatment for Shortness of Breath

Shortness of breath is a common complaint amongst patients at doctors’ visits. According to the Cleveland Clinic, 25% of patients who meet with their doctors report at least some shortness of breath. The medical term for this complaint is dyspnea, and it’s important to note that shortness of breath isn’t a standalone condition – it is a side effect. Doctors work to identify what is causing the dyspnea in order to treat the underlying condition.


Top Tips for Improving Your Lung Health

Top Tips For Improving Lung Health

Our lungs never stop working! They fill with air every few seconds as you inhale and release carbon dioxide as you exhale. Even when you are resting or completing basic tasks, your lungs are there to support you. Isn’t it time you gave back and supported them? There are several ways you can improve your lung health and help you breathe. Even taking small steps can have a big impact on your breathing experience. Here are some simple ways you can support your lungs every single day. 

Treating Your Chronic Cough

Understanding And Treating Your Chronic Cough

A cough can start small and quickly take over your life, interrupting you throughout the day as your body is consumed by a coughing fit. Sadly, chronic cough can interfere with life events, causing people to shy away from opportunities, like giving a speech at a wedding, because they’re afraid of having to cough halfway through. 


Smoking and vaping may be unhealthy and addictive and pose health risk to lung

Vaping & Your Lung Health: What You Need To Know

E-cigarettes may seem safer, but a recent outbreak in lung injury associated with their use suggest they are potentially damaging to our lungs. The CDC has released concerning data linking certain compounds used in e-cigarettes (also known as vaping) products to lung injury and even death. While the CDC is still working to identify and define the risk factors associated with vaping, here’s what we know (and what we still don’t know) about the connection between vaping and lung injury.READ MORE

Lung-friendly foods

Lung-Friendly Foods

Exercise, quitting smoking, and following your treatment plan are all great ways to keep your lungs healthy, but did you know your diet can have an impact on your lung health? Certain foods have been shown to help support the health of your respiratory system. Here are some top tips for a lung-friendly diet.


Interventional pulmonologists

What is Interventional Pulmonology?

If you have a breathing condition like asthma, allergies, or a sleep condition, your primary care doctor may have recommended that you see an interventional pulmonologist to help you diagnose and treat your condition. So, what is interventional pulmonology?

Interventional pulmonology is an emerging field in pulmonary medicine and is an advanced subspecialty of pulmonology (the treatment of pulmonary and thoracic diseases).